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SignaWave's 5G WIFI Internet equipment offers speeds up to 25Mbps. This service is great for the heavy user or business users who require a stable and reliable Internet connection and where our 4G LTE Service isn't available. Our 5G WIFI service offers reliability and speeds greater than any competing WIFI services. If you only need service to browse the web or are price conscious, check out our 2G and 3G WIFI Internet Service. If you are in a service area where we offer 4G LTE Service, it is our fastest, most reliable and offers the best value for users. Our 5G WIFI Internet Service includes a dedicated radio placed on the tower closest to your location. This radio operates in a higher microwave frequency than our standard WIFI equipment. The additional costs include this extra equipment placement.

(1) All services may not be available in all areas. A sight survey is done prior to the installation at which time we determine the available packages for your location. All rates provided include a $5.00/month equipment assurance and rental fee.
(2) Basic installation includes the radio installation and a single cable run to a single location. A wireless Ethernet device is required and provided but you can use your own router in addition to our equipment. Installation fee and the first month’s service rate is due upon installation, plus any additional charges that may apply to your installation including but not limited to; extra wire runs, trenching, punch down plates, wall fishing, and computer troubleshooting or repair.
(3) Speeds and availability of service are not guaranteed. Service at any particular time or for any particular purpose cannot be guaranteed. SignaWave, Inc. has a no refund policy.
(4) All plans are a 12 month contract. At the end of the initial contract service is considered month-to-month. An early termination fee of $150.00 will be added to any account cancelled within the first 12 month period. All rates are billed monthly. Acceptable payment options are VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover or an E-Check. All payments are auto-payments and billed prior to the monthly service.

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